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Welcome and thank you for visiting my portfolio webpage!

Photography is my main passion. I love to take pictures and spend as much time as possible looking at the world through the camera’s viewfinder.

Everything started during my travels around the world where I realized how important it is to capture the moment in pictures and share it with my closest friends and family. Doing so with my mobile phone was not fulfilling my full potential, therefore I decided to buy my first camera and spent many hours perfecting my work through watching tutorials and taking part in trainings. This was the right decision as I started enjoying photography very much. Later I realized I like to photograph people, communicate with them and bring them happiness whilst see themselves in my pictures. And that was just the beginning…

My actual main focus is portraits, glamour and corporate portraits but I am always open to any new challenges. I can photo shoot indoor in my cozy studio or at any location, indoor or outdoor. I have at my disposal several portable lights and I am a “Canon” shooter.

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